It seems like forever since I wrote a blog! It’s not like I don’t have anything to say – I always have something to say – but I’ve been so busy preaching, counseling, teaching at a local university, and doing other ministry stuff I’ve just not gotten to sit down and type out my thoughts.

Today is the day, however, that I’ll get to it! I’m calling this blog Odds and Ends because it’s just a pot pourri of thoughts on recent news.


Really, some rapper dude actually took a pair of Nikes and put a pentagram on them and said that the soles had an actual drop of human blood in them and sold 666 of them for $1,018 a piece in under a minute?!? I don’t know what stuns me more the stunt to sell Satan Shoes or the knuckleheads that would spend a thousand bucks on a $120 pair of Nikes.

I’m mixed by the reaction from the Christian Community. I get raging over such a cultural sacrilege that basically tells kids that if you want to be cool like Lil’ Nas X you embrace Satanic stuff. But I also think it was a giant publicity stunt that we shouldn’t play into giving the guy a platform he would never have had if nobody said a word.

Oh, and Nike disavowed anything to do with the shoe and is suing the manufacturer for trademark infringement.

Another day in the fallen world.


I said it when Trump was President and I’ll say it while Biden is President: There has to be a better way to take care of people than what they’re doing.

It’s not rocket science that unaccompanied children that come to the border in the care of non-relative adults are in danger! They may not all be trafficking victims – clearly many are – but children without their parents or other close relative is a trauma and danger in itself!

Come on, man! As Biden would say! You gotta do better. And Christian brothers and sisters – don’t make this a political issue. Care for those who are needy, fatherless, widows, etc. We can care about people being mistreated regardless of your political position on US immigration policy.


Throughout the land courts are siding with churches that government cannot dictate the number of people who can attend indoor worship services. Always remember that the idea of freedom of religion was to keep the government from intruding on religious practices not the other way around!

Now, if we can get our pastors to invite everyone back – with masks and social distancing of course – we would really be making progress!


I had a great conversation in my Comparative Politics class with students about the proposed vaccine passport – the idea that you need to show that you’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19 before you can enter establishments and purchase good.

So, what do you think?

Some think it’s the beginning of the mark of the beast albeit not a mark on your forehead or hand. Others think it’s not a bad idea given the pandemic and spread of the disease. I think one student got closer to home on this when he said so long as the government didn’t mandate it private business could do as they please. Good libertarian thinking there, eh?

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the government telling me what I can and can’t do in any scenario so I’m not excited about such a passport. I also think there would be some freedom of association issues at play. Would it mean that churches couldn’t have people come unless they showed their passport because it’s a public meeting place? I think that would go over the line.

Interesting times we live in!


I saw a report that church attendance is the lowest in American history at 43 percent, down from 71 percent in the mid-80s. We know that the number of believers is dropping as well. So, what’s the answer? Do churches need to change their formula to appeal to the younger generation or is it just the natural progression of things as scripture says? Or maybe something in between.

I do know this: the days of our nation being dominated by Judeo-Christian ethics is long gone and those of us who hold to the Bible and Jesus are going to be seen as the nut jobs not the other way around.

Okay, that’s enough for now.

I’ll try to do better keeping up a more regular blog schedule! But do check out both and my new site Lots of stuff I’m doing other than blogging that may be worth your time and interest!

Be bless and stay safe out there!