Monthly Archives: July 2015

I’m Ranting Today

A few years ago I was attending the Global Leadership Summit, which is an annual two-day international video-conferenced leadership symposium headquartered in Barrington, IL at Bill Hybel’s Willow Creek Church. During this particularly conference Bill spoke on what he called Holy Discontent. His premise was simple: there are things that we see in life where […]

Born This Way

In recent weeks I’ve heard a few people make the comment, “I was born this way,” or “This is just who I am” when explaining their behavior – mostly their bad behavior. Obviously in our culture today, “born this way” has significant overtones resonating in the LGBT community. Today I want to talk about the […]

I Can’t Drive 55!

I do a lot of driving both in the city and on the freeway and I have to admit I can’t drive 55! While my wife is much worse than me, I find that I am always at least three or four miles over the speed limit…at least. In fact, when the freeway speed limit […]