Monthly Archives: February 2014


I’ve been a little discouraged lately. It’s funny because I know that what I’m discouraged about I shouldn’t be, but that’s the thing about our emotions – it doesn’t matter how we should feel; sometimes we just feel differently regardless of the facts. Last April I published my book  Do You Want to Be Healed? […]

Clay in the Hands of the Master

Our adult Sunday school is watching Greg Groeschel’s Alter Ego series, which focuses on becoming the people God created us to be instead of the people we are who have been shaped by the world. It certainly is not an easy transformation but one that is vital if we are to find healing and purpose […]

The Junk Drawer of Your Mind

I was looking for something the other day and of course it wasn’t where I thought I put it the last time I saw it. If you’re like me the very next place you look is your junk drawer. We probably all have one – that place where stuff goes that doesn’t really have a […]