Monthly Archives: October 2013

God’s Timing

I turned 49 years old last week and I have to say that I’m not crazy about getting older. But there has been one advantage that I greatly appreciate – as I age I have a better understanding of and greater appreciation for God’s timing. Intellectually we know that God’s timing is perfect, but emotionally […]

A Thorn in Your Side

I spend a lot of time talking about how God can heal brokenness in people’s lives. Heck I wrote an entire book on it! But there is one part of the book that is perhaps the most difficult to accept and that’s when God decides not to heal you for reasons only He knows and […]

The Job Dilemma

I’ve had my first Blog request! This from a friend of mine today: Do you take requests? Blog topic: The Book of Job. I was listening to NPR today and they were talking about people’s search for meaning across time and circumstance in this old testament book. It got me to thinking what YOU would […]

Don’t Worry Be Happy!

I used to worry a lot. Given the dysfunction of my family there was a lot to worry about, such as would we have a place to live today? Would we eat tonight? Would there be electricity when I get home from school? Did the cops come pick up dad and haul him off to […]

Your Blessing’s Right Around the Corner!

I went to YouTube the other day to listen to my favorite Hymn, It Is Well with My Soul. I found several artists who had sung it but I was eager to hear the Wintley Phipps version. If you’ve never heard this guy you should YouTube him. He’s a gospel singer with a deep, rich, […]

Why God Allows Evil

I have had a lot of great responses to my book – Do You Want to Be Healed? Allowing God to Heal Brokenness in Your Life – for which I am both humbled and grateful. But I heard one response the other day that kind of surprised me. A friend had read it and then […]