Monthly Archives: October 2018

Synagogue Shooting and Evil

The recent murder of 11 people worshiping in a Pittsburgh synagogue has resulted in the usual blame game ranging from guns to Trump. And like previous shootings and horrific acts of violence, everyone is arguing over the wrong points and missing the true cause of these acts. My friends, there is a war going on. […]

Staying Engaged

I often joke with my wife that we should leave everything behind, go create a monastery and make chocolate and beer for the rest of our lives. And as it is with most jokes, there’s some truth behind it. There certainly are days where I want to just disengage from this crazy world and sequester […]

Christians and Politics

Time flies! I haven’t posted a blog in more than a month! That doesn’t mean, however, I haven’t written a couple. I have but decided better about publishing them! They actually were pretty good, but after I thought about them a bit, I realized they didn’t really add anything to the discussion so I filed […]