Monthly Archives: March 2016

Changing Lives One Encouragement at a Time

I was at a homeless shelter last night, preaching during their evening chapel. I know a bunch of the guys from my previous evenings there, but there are always new faces as well. Honestly, it’s an interesting group ranging from the paranoid schizophrenic talking to nobody in particular throughout the message to the transgender folks […]

Questions for My Dad

I think I have shared here in the past and in greater detail in my book that my father was not the greatest guy in the world. He was an atheist, alcoholic, womanizing, con-man felon who caused my sisters and I no end of trouble. His poor decision-making got us evicted from our home multiple […]

I’m an Intolerant Christian

One of the critiques about Christianity is that it’s intolerant. Jesus tells us in the Bible that the only way to God the Father is through him (John 14:6), meaning all the other ways people use to try to get to God are wrong. Thus every other religion is wrong and those in the Christian […]