Monthly Archives: September 2013

Lost Blessings

Have you ever lost a blessing? You know what I’m talking about; God blessed you somehow but you mishandled that blessing and God decided you were not ready for it and it was taken from you.  I hope this has never happened to you; it’s happened to me and it’s one of the most painful […]

The Three Flavors of Temptation

We’ve been doing a Chip Ingram study on Romans chapter 12 in our adult Sunday school. I think Romans 12 is perhaps my favorite chapter in scripture; it describes how we are supposed to act as true Christians. Chip hit on something this week that I want to dig into because I think it is […]

The Church

Well it’s been a while since I’ve put anything on paper. Been fighting migraines so was on a new medication for the past month that pretty much made me a zombie. Got absolutely zero work done so I discontinued the stuff and am nearly clear-headed again! We’ll see, right?! A pastor buddy of mine turned me […]