Monthly Archives: September 2017

This Miserable World

My wife introduced me to a book by Thomas a Kempis called “The Imitation of Christ.” I am sure many of you know this classic, but I read it for the first time a few months ago. It is one of those books where you read one sentence and have to think about it for […]

Death, O Where is Thy Sting?

I had to help do a hard thing the other day. My foster-father passed away recently and I went with my foster-mother to pick up his cremains at the funeral home. It is always a difficult thing to do, not just because of the finality of it, but cremains are different from having a body […]

Today’s Headlines

So, I’m reading my Internet newspapers this morning and I just can’t help but think, “What a shallow, culturally bankrupt society we live in.” I know that sounds harsh, and perhaps I’m just in an irritable mood (which I am), but just look at what’s going on around us. Let me share some headlines From […]