Monthly Archives: August 2020


Okay, so I’ll admit I’m using a little click bait here to get your attention. The headline MLK vs BLM may lead you to believe that I’m going to compare the movements; I’m really not – at least not in the expected way. No, instead I want to compare MLK and BLM through the lens […]

Forgiveness God Style

The other day I wrote a piece on the state of our union and how we as a nation have lost the ability to forgive. I want to take a deeper dive on this even though I’ve written on this previously and share what forgiveness really looks like in our current culture and how we […]

State of Our Union

I like to joke that everyone wants to be a Christian until it’s time to do Christian things. As with all jokes there is some truth behind this one. Let’s be honest, our country is a bit of a mess right now. Not that it hasn’t always been a bit of a mess – every […]