Heavy, Deep & Real

with Tom Mann


Video Files

Rev. Tom Mann February 26, 2023 When God Waits https://youtu.be/HRwvNKanZBQ

Rev. Tom Mann January 29, 2023 Wisdom Literature https://youtu.be/Y2lF8bP50N4

Rev. Tom Mann January 22, 2023 God’s Mercies https://youtu.be/dVBYe5ZKbVA

Rev. Tom Mann January 15, 2023 Bricks from Your Past https://youtu.be/8VYYIzMVPkw

Rev. Tom Mann December 25, 2022 When Christmas Hurts https://youtu.be/_6KuPLbhqfQ

Rev. Tom Mann December 18, 2022 Advent Love Candle https://youtu.be/r4f4k9GgoNc

Rev. Tom Mann November 27, 2022 The Emotions of God https://youtu.be/f4VGWjyFeGs

Rev. Tom Mann November 20, 2022 Temptations Just for You! https://youtu.be/pcddSC8nncQ

Rev. Tom Mann September 25, 2022 Content in All Circumstances https://youtu.be/KW8liHBsjbU

Rev. Tom Mann September 18, 2022 The Samaritan Woman https://youtu.be/BJAXauJOJhc

Rev. Tom Mann August 28, 2022 More than Conquerors https://youtu.be/odCDqldCYCA

Rev. Tom Mann August 21, 2022 What About Leah https://youtu.be/QkympxUyckM

Rev. Tom Mann July 24, 2022 Jesus’ Temptation https://youtu.be/9Cdy54-M8Xs

Rev. Tom Mann July 17, 2022 Body, Soul, Spirit https://youtu.be/WWzjmU23WFE

Rev. Tom Mann June 26, 2022 Bad Decisions https://youtu.be/UV1fuWf6Fj0

Rev. Tom Mann June 19, 2022 How God Speaks to Us https://youtu.be/YmTonfA2kjk

Rev. Tom Mann June 5, 2022 Pentecost https://youtu.be/rdr6hfk2Ogk

Rev. Tom Mann June 3, 2022 Sacrifice https://youtu.be/N-F2103mBkY

Rev. Tom Mann May 22, 2022 A Deep Dive into the Armor of God https://youtu.be/Py5PvEAEsvY

Rev. Tom Mann May 15, 2022 For the Glory of God https://youtu.be/cnHxD8bkNNM

Rev. Tom Mann May 13, 2022 Three Questions from Genesis 3 https://youtu.be/MGIhG-LBBDc

Rev. Tom Mann May 6, 2022 God’s Loving Commands https://youtu.be/AqWoTs5Gurg

Rev. Tom Mann April 24, 2022 God’s Heart for Women https://youtu.be/XiBCM94h-JM

Rev. Tom Mann April 17, 2022 Easter Message https://youtu.be/liWayfQvhT8

Rev. Tom Mann April 8, 2022 Personal Suffering https://youtu.be/GNFiqmwmm-0

Rev. Tom Mann April 3, 2022 Leave Different Than You Came https://youtu.be/tfpa-MGAlrI

Rev. Tom Mann April 1, 2022 Jewish Roots of Prayer https://youtu.be/i_e8WQkVG-Q

Rev. Tom Mann March 20, 2022 Don’t Quit https://youtu.be/jw1fiuozsJ0

Rev. Tom Mann March 4, 2022 Forgiving the Unforgivable https://youtu.be/1G7elRwLC8E

Rev. Tom Mann February 27, 2022 Relationships Part Deux https://youtu.be/ierpayi4Z0g

Rev. Tom Mann February 20, 2022 We Are Made for Relationship https://youtu.be/kqNMw2_FDCM

Rev. Tom Mann February 11, 2022 Love of the World https://youtu.be/sA3ahvEL7J4

Rev. Tom Mann February 4, 2022 Risk Taking https://youtu.be/0HXqrwNNPwo

Rev. Tom Mann January 23, 2022 All Things https://youtu.be/Iy0Lh2eQfEY

Rev. Tom Mann January 16, 2022 Two Are Better Than One https://youtu.be/WkmIhkBunBE

Rev. Tom Mann January 7, 2022 Walking on Water – A Deeper Dive https://youtu.be/GayzSGcsZaw

Rev. Tom Mann December 26, 2021 New Year’s Resolutions https://youtu.be/DOVCb_6mZVk

Rev. Tom Mann December 10, 2021 Fools https://youtu.be/PjFoPneP8s8

Rev. Tom Mann December 3, 2021 Misery https://youtu.be/jmVmKDep5uQ

Rev. Tom Mann November 28, 2021 Why Faith Matters https://youtu.be/TDlN7iyLt8M

Rev. Tom Mann November 21, 2021 Which God Do You Follow?  https://youtu.be/M8xIG1cd4o0

Rev. Tom Mann November 12, 2021 Negative Self-Talk and Self-Sabotage https://youtu.be/-hiIQZKGiVk

Rev. Tom Mann October 17, 2021 Spiritual Warfare or Just You? https://youtu.be/XuNlbmTl_ok

Rev. Tom Mann October 8, 2021 Deep Dive into Matthew 7 https://youtu.be/tGJyqMR3SBI

Rev. Tom Mann October 1, 2021 Lessons from Joseph https://youtu.be/abZy_q2gKNY

Rev. Tom Mann September 26, 2021 Discouragement https://youtu.be/rOQiCSm4h-0

Rev. Tom Mann September 19, 2021 How to Get Closer to God https://youtu.be/drwi0_T9LPY

Rev. Tom Mann September 3, 2021 Beatitudes https://youtu.be/lk3Lx8Xs15E

Rev. Tom Mann August 28, 2021 True Discipleship https://youtu.be/dp6I215bxFA

Rev. Tom August 21, 2021 – Bread of Life https://youtu.be/PFL-Fyq_OTo

Rev. Tom Mann August 6, 2021 – American Syncretism https://youtu.be/WumTkFNAY9M

Rev. Tom Mann July 25, 2021 – God’s Promises https://youtu.be/8HvgsqDy8UI

Rev. Tom Mann July 17, 2021 – Transformation https://youtu.be/rl0XGpF2v9o

Rev. Tom Mann July 4, 2021 True Freedom https://youtu.be/7HRxCpGyMBw

Rev. Tom Mann July 2, 2021 Taking Offense https://youtu.be/_7bmWqZ15Rs

Rev. Tom Mann June 29, 2021 You’ll Know Them by Their Fruit https://youtu.be/cn2B9sejZNU

Rev. Tom Mann June 20, 2021 The Best Dad Ever https://youtu.be/iRfsHVvFf9w

Rev. Tom Mann June 15, 2021 Staying Connected to God in Troubled Water https://youtu.be/hg2gS1tsV1U

Rev. Tom Mann June 11, 2021 Results of the Cross https://youtu.be/eq2YzATcshI

Rev. Tom Mann June 4, 2021 How to Share Your Faith https://youtu.be/XFcQ9_FrmhA

Rev. Tom Mann June 1, 2021 The Bible and Mental Health https://youtu.be/Jww3iEHcGwo

Rev. Tom Mann May 18, 2021 Satan’s Schemes https://youtu.be/hk0qy2NNRxs

Rev. Tom Mann May 16, 2021 Healing https://youtu.be/MUYLU0NUDy4

Rev. Tom Mann May 14, 2021 Perseverance https://youtu.be/XDqA2XPj-ZM

Rev. Tom Mann May 7, 2021 God’s Agenda https://youtu.be/3kzGtCAoCOI

Rev. Tom Mann May 4, 2021 Judas Ate Too https://youtu.be/W6ZorB6DPkM

Rev. Tom Mann April 24, 2021 World View https://youtu.be/owQpVLsEc5E

Rev. Tom Mann April 20, 2021 To Whom Much is Given Much is Expected https://youtu.be/cNV2iR5FgJ0

Rev. Tom Mann April 18, 2021 Purpose for Your Pain https://youtu.be/7y_SKBwLswU

Rev. Tom Mann April 18, 2021 Justice Revisited https://youtu.be/heBg-CG1Z-8

Rev. Tom Mann April 6, 2021 Where Do You Place Your Value? https://youtu.be/2EmAdgwPoWU

Rev. Tom Mann April 2, 2021 Justice https://youtu.be/dxfkcJ3p5oU

Rev. Tom Mann March 28, 2021 Why You Were Born https://youtu.be/lOBdS0hkktw

Rev. Tom Mann March 21, 2021 Discipline https://youtu.be/wWrksLmH05o

Rev. Tom Mann March 12, 2021 Vine and Branches https://youtu.be/UVC-XH1hvBk

Rev. Tom Mann March 5, 2021 Hard Sayings of the Bible https://youtu.be/LPIaF3NI0_0

Rev. Tom Mann February 21, 2021 Demons https://youtu.be/KsaoUDsMWVE

Rev. Tom Mann February 12, 2021 Top Ten Ways People Misuse the Bible https://youtu.be/FIOusycHPo4

Rev. Tom Mann February 9, 2021 The Process of Christian Healing https://youtu.be/826Z2N6qbSk

Rev. Tom Mann February 5, 2021 Stand Up and Stand Out https://youtu.be/Gflxs3DtAJ8

Rev. Tom Mann January 28, 2021 Train Harder! https://youtu.be/gjxmnkEpPbs

Rev. Tom Mann January 24, 2021 Using Your Gifts https://youtu.be/BB7eeWV_uPg

Rev. Tom Mann January 17, 2021 The State of the American Church https://youtu.be/VsaSEa2PPG8

Rev. Tom Mann January 8, 2021 Who Are You Following? https://youtu.be/5viHPSh4y0A

Rev. Tom Mann January 1, 2021 Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength https://youtu.be/e-wZkAOsVCU

Rev. Tom Mann December 29, 2020 Religion v. Relationship https://youtu.be/FeHE8OnM4mc

Rev. Tom Mann December 27, 2020 Love Is (Church Version) https://youtu.be/kY56f1zCG1A

Rev. Tom Mann December 27, 2020 Love Is (Long Version) https://youtu.be/DLqZzw0e0RE

Rev. Tom Mann December 20, 2020 The Intellectual Christian https://youtu.be/HtZ4jzfMTt8

Rev. Tom Mann December 15, 2020 Do Not Be Unaware https://youtu.be/eFkHBp2ImWM

Rev. Tom Mann December 11, 2020 Change vs Transformation https://youtu.be/y0tzEXvencY

Rev. Tom Mann December 4, 2020 Questions Christians Ask https://youtu.be/KYT5Vjtcjg4

Rev. Tom Mann December 1, 2020 Why Not Me? https://youtu.be/OOz9FlQsOXY

Rev. Tom Mann November 22, 2020 God Hates Shortcuts https://youtu.be/U4qfAKmsgCI

Rev. Tom Mann November 16, 2020 Death You Don’t Scare Me https://youtu.be/HUfUfzpI8RM

Rev. Tom Mann November 6, 2020 Love Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself https://youtu.be/ftpqOcINFpg

Rev. Tom Mann November 3, 2020 Excuses or Results https://youtu.be/5D8ZY_Posdk

Rev. Tom Mann October 25, 2020 Engaging the Holy Spirit https://youtu.be/RywTYEj9YVU

Rev. Tom Mann October 20, 2020 How to Be Like Jesus https://youtu.be/RyZYW0maSI8

Rev. Tom Mann October 18, 2020 Where Are You Going? https://youtu.be/vmNyehyVHzQ

Rev. Tom Mann October 9, 2020 Jesus Took Naps – Be Like Jesus https://youtu.be/zjGfrYur8dE

Rev. Tom Mann October 6, 2020 Why You’re So Unhappy https://youtu.be/5KjRqpKPQJM

Rev. Tom Mann October 2, 2020 Love Doesn’t Conquer All; Intentionality Does https://youtu.be/6gmqge1n9ik

Rev. Tom Mann September 27, 2020 Sins of the Father https://youtu.be/JmVa_0-3P5o

Rev. Tom Mann September 22, 2020 Worry https://youtu.be/TYt2Je7yJSo

Rev. Tom Mann September 20, 2020 God’s Not Done With You Yet! https://youtu.be/2IELfSmBSxw

Rev. Tom Mann September 11, 2020 Doubt https://youtu.be/Oktop-eSM5E

Rev. Tom Mann September 8, 2020 Thinking of God https://youtu.be/gIAEeccQIWU

Rev. Tom Mann September 4, 2020 Armor Up https://youtu.be/li1MBnlmtkI

Rev. Tom Mann August 25, 2020 Let’s Talk About Sex https://youtu.be/6IulL5t0C1o

Rev. Tom Mann August 23, 2020 How to Shine Your Light https://youtu.be/6t_6T4djJ94

Rev. Tom Mann August 16, 2020 Redemption https://youtu.be/NWDz5sE_GxA

Rev. Tom Mann August 14, 2020 Names of God https://youtu.be/N2eCwozZC9A

Rev. Tom Mann August 11, 2020 The Law vs Grace https://youtu.be/V65PNlPWTTE

Rev. Tom Mann July 28, 2020 One Way to the Father https://youtu.be/2A89xYXq4Zg

Rev. Tom Mann July 26, 2020 Flesh vs. Spirit https://youtu.be/Xe6Z50dKvIM

Rev. Tom Mann July 19, 2020 Fulfilled by Jesus https://youtu.be/G2L42jGGVBs

Rev. Tom Mann July 14, 2020 Faith https://youtu.be/lKNV-Zz4Ytc

Rev. Tom Mann July 10, 2020 Humility https://youtu.be/57DzYrGbOPQ

Rev. Tom Mann July 3, 2020 Freedom in Jesus https://youtu.be/EWk3BPTpca4

Rev. Tom Mann June 30, 2020 Twisting Scripture https://youtu.be/MVR1A5x3yVU

Rev. Tom Mann June 28, 2020 Everything a Ministry https://youtu.be/d1cnAOnjgqU

Rev. Tom Mann June 21, 2020 The Jesus I Know https://youtu.be/M-I4NbVzMS4

Rev. Tom Mann June 16, 2020 Only One Way to God https://youtu.be/FDj6p6m2qCg

Rev. Tom Mann June 12, 2020 Submission vs. Surrender https://youtu.be/asXOsXcjDSo

Rev. Tom Mann June 5, 2020 Romans 12 https://youtu.be/ywb6PHpr4Xs

Rev. Tom Mann June 2, 2020 Lost Sheep https://youtu.be/kZ0o7FuwFYs

Rev. Tom Mann May 31, 2020 Pentecost 2020 https://youtu.be/gfcKjJJbkpg

Rev. Tom Mann May 24, 2020 Change vs. Transformation https://youtu.be/wQoak1hmKgs

Rev. Tom Mann May 23, 2020 How to Write a Sermon https://youtu.be/hcmmYHDWwiM

Rev. Tom Mann May 19, 2020 The Greatest Commandment https://youtu.be/baDdMW3UxA0

Rev. Tom Mann May 17, 2020 Not Today Satan https://youtu.be/aEtAd7Ouq1g

Rev. Tom Mann May 8, 2020 Parable of the Sower https://youtu.be/LYDte_a7QNk

Rev. Tom Mann May 5, 2020 Weeds https://youtu.be/m6W_e9wZDrQ

Rev. Tom Mann May 1, 2020 Pride of Life https://youtu.be/TvU8IbKqsA4

Rev. Tom Mann April 26, 2020 Lean Not On Your Own Understanding https://youtu.be/sGFZT28aQ_A

Rev. Tom Mann April 21, 2020 Reap and Sow https://youtu.be/RLuScY_nS78

Rev. Tom Mann April 19, 2020 Sheol https://youtu.be/PYS4gJ53_o0

Rev. Tom Mann April 12, 2020 Easter Message https://youtu.be/Wn-uWmKGDkI

Rev. Tom Mann April 10, 2020 Good Friday https://youtu.be/CokUFB5dpqo

Rev. Tom Mann April 7, 2020 COVID-19 Sabbatical https://youtu.be/YRShN91tjiw

Rev. Tom Mann April 5, 2020 Holy Week https://youtu.be/ctXGj08JX2A

Rev. Tom Mann First Stone Service April 4, 2020 God’s Will https://youtu.be/wQndScUrsdc

Rev. Tom Mann on Triggers April 2, 2020 https://youtu.be/tnBuoz4KvAU

Rev. Tom Mann on PTSD April 1, 2020 https://youtu.be/1ZwXPqxXOv0

Rev. Tom Mann on Anxiety March 26, 2020 https://youtu.be/vcfkXYT4mYY

Rev. Tom Mann on Depression March 25, 2020 https://youtu.be/qGaOiW6GvTw

Rev. Tom Mann Virtual Restoration House March 24, 2020 Don’t Make Your Brother Stumble  https://youtu.be/kxEK0JKhjzs

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place Virtual Sermon March 22, 2020 COVID-19 and Christians https://youtu.be/uUmBcQx5Uis

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place Chapel March 15, 2020 Resiliency  https://youtu.be/tD5EZqOHo50

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place Chapel March 13, 2020 Hope https://youtu.be/jjoSG6SxhLg

Rev. Tom Mann First Stone Service March 6, 2020 Resiliency https://youtu.be/-Zprq9OJFfI

Rev. Tom Mann First Stone Service March 6, 2020 Baptisms (Peter Vergotis and Michael Adams) https://youtu.be/R2nxGm2GlKM

Rev. Tom Mann Calvary Baptist Church Communion Service March 1, 2020 Loving the Unlovable https://youtu.be/VVzcWPQJgn0

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place Chapel February 16, 2020 Love Is  https://youtu.be/cN8VJHtUFeY

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place Chapel February 14, 2020 Working Unto the Lord  https://youtu.be/ozlJLCfB_vg

Rev. Tom Mann First Stone Service Calvary Baptist Church February 7, 2020 Romans 8 – You Are More Than Conquerors https://youtu.be/TWj2tTuilFI

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place Chapel January 26, 2020 Faith, Hope and Love  https://youtu.be/LB_GyT67XYg

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place Chapel January 19, 2020 Conditional Blessings  https://youtu.be/mfgHq6X_cUE

Rev. Tom Mann First Stone service Calvary Baptist Church January 3, 2020 Do You Want to Be Healed?  https://youtu.be/9_WUU3eSD0c

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place Chapel December 22, 2019 Lemonade from Lemons  https://youtu.be/moeZ0TIe18E

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place Chapel December 15, 2019 Approaching God  https://youtu.be/TiMivbZi0SA

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place Chapel December 13, 2019 How to Hear God Speak  https://youtu.be/mNYa2Xob45s

Rev. Tom Mann First Stone Service Calvary Baptist Church December 6, 2019 Why a Baby? https://youtu.be/o17BN0xqXNQ

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place Chapel November 24, 2019 How God Cares for You https://youtu.be/2-Q_wBq4qj0

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place Chapel November 17, 2019  How Satan Discourages You https://youtu.be/1FdEnY1DSyo

Rev. Tom Mann First Stone Service Calvary Baptist Church November 1, 2019 The Trinity https://youtu.be/cj4bKh54DVE

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place October 27, 2019 Renewing Your Mind  https://youtu.be/mXHiT3mrECc

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place October 20, 2019 It is Well with My Soul  https://youtu.be/ZA0eYgtxrrU

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place October 11, 2019 Which Wolf Do You Feed?  https://youtu.be/sBW8GqRFjz8

Rev. Tom Mann Calvary Baptist Church October 6, 2019 Glory, Glory Hallelujah https://youtu.be/1fLrSEHbKRQ

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place September 22, 2019 How God Uses Broken People  https://youtu.be/HJFHNbK2Jlc

Rev. Tom Mann Calvary Baptist Church September 1, 2019 Love is Sacrifice  https://youtu.be/vu0ZPsDome4

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place August 25, 2019 Wise, Fools and Evil  https://youtu.be/LU9FtHmJrJ0

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place August 18, 2019 Why Did God Make You?  https://youtu.be/orzE5Kzvmno

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place August 9, 2019 Love as Sacrifice https://youtu.be/t3J8uKipD6s

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place July 21, 2019 Keep Your Eyes on Jesus  https://youtu.be/Cq2h07QiFXI

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place July 12, 2019 Living in Your Privileges  https://youtu.be/9EW1iqxEggI

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place June 23, 2019 Keep Your Eyes on Heaven  https://youtu.be/llaXcqlZAng

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place June 16, 2019 No Condemnation  https://youtu.be/BsqPnQrYNVM

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place June 14, 2019 Lost Blessings https://youtu.be/Z168TOa44G4

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place May 26, 2019 Survivors https://youtu.be/JYympAPTcT0

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place May 19, 2019 Man’s Ways vs God’s Ways  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtH87yRkvXw

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place May 10, 2019 God, What Do You Want From Me?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRjxfmvoGMo

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place April 28, 2019 Smooth Rocks  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_X65yhKHwQ

Rev. Tom Mann Simonka Place April 21, 2019 Easter Service https://youtu.be/-8DR18a4gv0

Rev. Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church March 3, 2019 The Scariest Verse in the Biblehttps://youtu.be/4y1r5HlIUcs

Rev. Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church March 3, 2019 The Seven Churches in Revelation – https://youtu.be/d1kutPFVPYM

Rev. Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church August 28, 2018 Spiritual Fruit – https://youtu.be/1N8zJsJFKSA

Rev. Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church August 28, 2018 The Sacrifice of Service – https://youtu.be/2AAOwv8jKqs

Rev. Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church April 22, 2018  Why Not Me? – https://youtu.be/7HsnhKQCylQ

Rev. Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church April 22, 2018 The Meeting – https://youtu.be/mdFiKybm6SE

Rev. Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church April 23, 2017 Eye of the Stormhttps://youtu.be/4YhhQ7v-PKc

Rev. Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church April 23, 2017 Your Personal Pentecosthttps://youtu.be/DDVUvQBBt3o

Rev. Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church March 26, 2017 When God Says “No”https://youtu.be/64fXqkQPgCY

Rev. Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church March 26, 2017 Strengthening Your Faithhttps://youtu.be/_HNVCCorBUg

Rev. Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church February 26, 2017 David vs Goliath –  https://youtu.be/fyATK-8Wkjc

Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church October 2, 2016 An Intelligence Officer’s Guide to Evangelism – https://youtu.be/xRF8hHhGzdA

Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church August 7, 2016 All You Need is Lovehttps://youtu.be/_q85peDnesg

Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church July 17, 2016 Are You Dying for Jesus?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uTpDi1ljko&feature=share

Tom Mann at Salem Union Gospel Mission May 17, 2016 – https://www.facebook.com/ryan.ferries.94/videos/1748547295363888/

Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church March 8, 2016 Lord’s Prayer Expository Sermonhttps://youtu.be/dxLHZFqoWNs

Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church September 21, 2015 Extra Grace Requiredhttps://youtu.be/0WMH-moap-4

Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church June 27, 2015 Identity Crisishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOosznOtltM

Tom Mann at Calvary Baptist Church October 20, 2013 Power Restrainedhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ5ik0HA8CY

Audio Files

Are You Dying for Jesushttps://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6jDSkSUfZa5bGl0eDZPdkdwdW8


The Lord’s Prayerhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6jDSkSUfZa5eF9ldThNbTgzc2s

Extra Grace Requiredhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6jDSkSUfZa5V3N1Mk1ON1d3WWs

Lending a Healing Handhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6jDSkSUfZa5dzg3aXoxdnFENzg

Identity Crisishttps://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6jDSkSUfZa5Um1yY05xcTZiaXc

Sacrificial Love

Heaven Can’t Wait

God’s Ways Are Not Our Ways

Finding Joy in Your Life

Spiritual Warfare

Do You Want to Be Healed Part I

Do You Want to Be Healed Part II

Watcha Gonna Do

Jesus Freak

Prince of This World

Watcha Gonna Do

Submitting God to Our Reason

Seventy Times Seven

So that None Shall Perish

God’s Healing Ways

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