Monthly Archives: April 2014

Filling Your Empty Bottle

If there is one piece of advice I find myself giving people over and over again is their need for renewal. In our fast-pace lives it seems we are always giving of ourselves but never refilling our tanks to ensure there is enough to give in the future. The result is obvious – burnout. But […]

Your Part of the Deal

There’s this old joke about a guy who lives in a town and a flood is coming. The police go door-to-door and when they reach this guy he refuses to leave, telling the cops, “The Lord will save me.” Sure enough the flood hits the town and it’s bad; the man’s house starts to fill […]

The Great Science Debate

I read a book recently that I think every Christian needs to read. In fact, I think every Christian needs to buy this book for their agnostic friends, and perhaps even for their atheist friends! The book is titled What’s So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D’Souza and it just absolutely obliterates science-type arguments against […]

God Wants to Hear from You!

Have you ever shared a problem you were having with a friend and they told you to just, “Give it up to God!”? Don’t you just want to slap that person? It’s not that they’re wrong – it’s exactly what we should do – but it’s the way they say it as if you can […]