Monthly Archives: November 2015

What Really Matters

I was having coffee with a buddy the other day and had to laugh when he told me he was wrestling with an issue. I laughed because I knew all too well what he was going through because I’ve been going through the same struggle for the past couple years. Mother Teresa is quoted as […]

Christian Response to Syrian Refugees

I love Facebook. I know I shouldn’t – it’s filled with a lot of nonsense. But it’s been great connecting with friends I haven’t seen in decades and I actually enjoy some of the banter. In the past couple days, though, I’ve seen a lot of comments about how we should deal with Syrian refugees […]

The Great Taboo – Religion and Politics

I’ve been thinking a lot about why we don’t tell people that we see in our daily life about how Jesus has changed our lives and that we want Him to change theirs, too! I’ve come up with the obvious reasons in the past: Uncomfortable pushing religion on people I don’t know what to say […]