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I haven’t blogged a lot during this COVID period because I’ve been doing so many online sermons that I thought it might be redundant. However, I’m having a grumpy-old-man moment this morning I feel the need to rant a bit. I want to talk about resiliency or the lack thereof within our Christian community. There […]

Ends and Means

In a previous life I was a political consultant. I was one of those operatives that ran political campaigns at the local, state and federal level, as well as state-wide ballot initiatives and whatever other work I could get. In the old days I was absolutely sold on the idea that the ends justified the […]


Okay, so I’ll admit I’m using a little click bait here to get your attention. The headline MLK vs BLM may lead you to believe that I’m going to compare the movements; I’m really not – at least not in the expected way. No, instead I want to compare MLK and BLM through the lens […]

Forgiveness God Style

The other day I wrote a piece on the state of our union and how we as a nation have lost the ability to forgive. I want to take a deeper dive on this even though I’ve written on this previously and share what forgiveness really looks like in our current culture and how we […]

State of Our Union

I like to joke that everyone wants to be a Christian until it’s time to do Christian things. As with all jokes there is some truth behind this one. Let’s be honest, our country is a bit of a mess right now. Not that it hasn’t always been a bit of a mess – every […]

Christians on Social Media

So, there I was on Facebook reading everyone’s political, polemic, and posturing posts. I have SO much I’d like to say in response to some of these inane comments. But just as I was about to type some responses a flood of scriptures came to my mind and I basically switched pages and went to […]

Mark of the Beast??

Yesterday I wrote a blog about Christians wearing masks and the biblical reason to obey the government, respect others, and follow health guidelines. A friend of mine from church responded that I should take on the issue from the “other side.” What’s the other side? It’s the argument that we are in the beginning of […]

The Masked Christian

I knew it would happen. Walked into church today and ran into three people coming out of a Bible study, one with a mask and two without. Here in Oregon the Governor has mandated that masks must be worn in all public settings. The two without a mask were quick to address the fact that […]

White Privilege

The other day a friend of mine asked me what I thought about white privilege. That’s a bit like a cop asking you if you shot your wife or stabbed her. There really is no right answer – no matter what you say some group will demonize you for it. However, because I’m not the […]

Excessive Force

The other night I preached on Romans 12 which is my favorite chapter in the Bible. Romans 12 teaches us how we’re supposed to treat one another and challenges us to live sacrificially in order to glorify God through our actions. I actually started this blog a couple days ago but deleted it. I found […]