Monthly Archives: July 2018

If It Feels Good Don’t Do It

I was just thinking about how much our emotions and senses lie to us. They create desires in us that promise to fulfill us but really don’t. Our culture tells us that if it feels good we should do it. You know what feels good? Sin feels good! Rebelling against God feels good. Being in […]

Solomon Was Right

The older I get the more I realize how right King Solomon was. Given that he was the wisest person to ever live that shouldn’t surprise me, but I see so much of my own life in what he wrote in the book of Ecclesiastes. If you’re not familiar with Solomon or Ecclesiastes, the Reader’s […]

Doing Right vs Doing Good Part II

Yesterday I wrote a short blog riffing off a comment my pastor made during his Sunday sermon. He basically framed an argument that being “right” meant following God’s commands and being “good” meant following societal norms or worldly ways of doing things. I made a list of right things and good things to further that […]

Doing Right vs Doing Good

Last Sunday my pastor made an interesting comment during his sermon that has me thinking. He said that there is a difference between doing right and doing good. Doing right is when you do as God commands while doing good is when you do what society and the world accepts. I thought I’d spend a […]