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I’m Concerned

I was driving to Portland the other day, which is about an hour drive from my place in Salem. I decided to switch my Sirius-XM radio from channel 49, Soul Town, to channel 63, The Message – Contemporary Christian Music. I have to admit that I’m not a great fan of contemporary Christian because it […]

All Pain is Pain

As is the case when you blog or put anything out these days there will be people who disagree with you. I received the following email this morning regarding a blog I wrote a while back: I am a practicing Christian and I love God immensely. I was surfing the web to find out how […]

We Don’t Need Your Thoughts and Prayers

I was going through my local news feeds when I came across a headline that read, “We don’t need your thoughts and prayers.” This was a quote from a grieving man in New Zealand who was reacting to what appears to be a white supremacist attack against a mosque. The racist killed 50 worshipers and […]


I was at the high school where I mentor the other day dropping something off and just shooting the breeze with some of the staff. After about a half hour I left to go do whatever else was on my list that day when my phone blew up. It was the person at the school […]

God’s Up to Something!

I know, it’s a stupid headline. Of course God is up to something! He’s always up to something, right? But, in this case I mean something specific. About 18 months ago, my accountability partner and I started noticing something new happening. God was directing us to clear off our plates of all the extra stuff […]

Dear Lady Gaga…

I read a headline this morning while scrolling through Facebook that read, “Lady Gaga: Pence is the worst representation of a Christian.” The headline was from the Hello Christian blog and further quoted Gaga as saying, “To Mike Pence who thinks it’s acceptable that his wife works at a school that bans LGBTQ. You are […]

Not Again Andy Stanley!

Dang it! Andy Stanley’s at it again! A few months back he did a sermon in which he said that Christians need to “unhitch” themselves from the Old Testament. Of course, this smacks of the unbiblical idea of “New Testament” Christianity as if Jesus simply eliminated the need for the Old Testament. Well, yesterday the […]