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Radical Experiences with God

This past Sunday my pastor made a reference that stirred my thoughts. He was preaching on recognizing who we are in our relationship with God when he talked about having a “Radical Experience with God.” As I thought about that phrase I realized how lucky I have been to have such experiences and wanted to […]


I’ve been a little discouraged lately. It’s funny because I know that what I’m discouraged about I shouldn’t be, but that’s the thing about our emotions – it doesn’t matter how we should feel; sometimes we just feel differently regardless of the facts. Last April I published my book  Do You Want to Be Healed? […]

In the Midst of Your Circumstances

I made a commitment a few months ago that I would read at least five chapters of the Bible each morning to start my day. It’s not like I did not read the Bible before that, but I noticed I had not made it a discipline, so my reading was kind of hit and miss. […]

Lost Blessings

Have you ever lost a blessing? You know what I’m talking about; God blessed you somehow but you mishandled that blessing and God decided you were not ready for it and it was taken from you.  I hope this has never happened to you; it’s happened to me and it’s one of the most painful […]