Hey everyone!

I know, I know. I haven’t blogged forever! But here’s the interesting part: I’ve actually started several blogs but never posted them.

Why? I realized it was spiritual warfare!

Every time I’d write something I thought, “Man, people are going to think that’s stupid.” I got self-conscious about how people would receive what I wrote so I dumped them. Stupid, huh?

Well, that’s what Satan does to you – he makes you feel stupid, inadequate, self-conscious, uninteresting, and basically not worthy of sharing your thoughts because who cares anyway?

I think that door opened for me because of some feedback I’ve received lately from one particular blog I wrote a while back about trusting God. That blog really hit a nerve with some folks who have had a hard time in life and feel as if God hasn’t been there for them or even that God has been against them! I’ve had a lot of conversation with these new friends – I really do feel them on this issues because I’ve been in that position in life – but I have to be honest and say I don’t think I’ve made a dent in their feelings about God.

Not that it’s my job to do that – it’s really between them and God not them and me. My job is to care for them, be their friend and sounding board, and share what I can about my own experiences. But when you hurt for someone and can’t do anything about it you feel powerless.

I get that same feeling every week when I preach at this transitional housing place for ex-cons. Interesting group of guys all of whom have been to prison for pretty intense crimes. About half of the guys in the room are believers at some level. Half are not and pretty much reject everything that is said about God. They just sit there on their phones or are impolite and have their own little conversations while I’m preaching. Honestly, it’s discouraging.

But I always have to remember when Satan is attacking me and making me feel as if I’m worthless at this ministry stuff that God’s Word never returns empty (Isaiah 55:11). Satan is trying to get me to stop sharing God’s Word and I just gotta keep grinding!

So, this is a short note to everyone out there to let you know that I’m still alive and I plan to blog more often! But I could use your prayers to keep me focused on Jesus and not on my own self-doubt!

Satan is bugger and will take advantage of any foothold you give him. Help me shake him off so I can boldly share the Word of God whether everyone likes it or not!