I saw this great bumper sticker today. It said, “I pray God gives you double what you wish for me.” Isn’t that awesome?

Think about that for a second….it’s such a double-edged sword! Usually when I’m driving behind someone most my thoughts are not very godly. In fact I’m usually annoyed, especially by a guy driving a car like that guy had (old, beat up) and going slow. So in essence he was saying, God’s going to double for you whatever you’re thinking about me right now. OUCH!

On the other hand, though, what a cool thought. What if we really did pray that God doubled whatever thoughts (presumably good) people had for us? What a blessing we could be to other people if they got a double portion of encouragement, or love, or friendship, or support, or whatever people do for you in your life.

When the prophet Elijah was preparing to leave this earth he asked his disciple Elisha what he wanted. Elisha said he wanted a double portion of Elijah’s spirit to be upon him. Based on this 2 Kings 2:9 verse we often ask for a double portion of God’s blessing in church circles.

As I finish this short note I am praying for all that read it that you, too, may have a double portion of God’s blessings, and be careful what you’re thinking when you get behind that guy with the bumper sticker!