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The Three Flavors of Temptation

We’ve been doing a Chip Ingram study on Romans chapter 12 in our adult Sunday school. I think Romans 12 is perhaps my favorite chapter in scripture; it describes how we are supposed to act as true Christians. Chip hit on something this week that I want to dig into because I think it is […]

Liar Liar

I love statistics. I know; figures lie and liars figure and that’s what makes these figures so cool – they’re about lying! According to a book called The Day America Told the Truth: 91 percent of Americans admitted they lie on a regular basis 86 percent of Americans admitted they lie to their parents 75 […]

Decisions Decisions

You may have heard it said that we are all products of our environment and to some degree I believe that is true. But a more accurate statement would be that we are all products of our decisions. Think about it for a second. No matter where are you in life, no matter what your […]

I Love Bumper Stickers!

I saw this great bumper sticker today. It said, “I pray God gives you double what you wish for me.” Isn’t that awesome? Think about that for a second….it’s such a double-edged sword! Usually when I’m driving behind someone most my thoughts are not very godly. In fact I’m usually annoyed, especially by a guy […]

Memorial Day Speech

I spoke today at the 33rd Annual City View Memorial Day Service in Salem, OR. Below is my speech. My Uncle Bob was a gunner on a B-17 during WWII. On his ninth mission his plane was shot down over the North Sea. As he parachuted toward the water, German gunners on a sub fired […]

Memorial Day Thoughts

As we prepare for Memorial Day tomorrow, I decided to share a small speech I gave recently during the National Day of Prayer. I was asked by my pastor to address praying for the military that day and I think this is appropriate as we consider honoring our war dead tomorrow. Here’s what I said: […]

Why Go to Church

According to some statistics from 2010, about 247 million Americans identify themselves as Christians, which according to another statistic is roughly 73-76 percent of all Americans. So why is it that only 41 percent of those who claim Christ as their Lord and Savior actually attend church? I actually know a little about this having […]

Boston Marathon

Like the rest of you, I sit here in prayer for those lost and injured today at the Boston Marathon. The news is calling it a terrorist attack, which at this point seems accurate. But as Christians, we should be prepared for one of the hardest questions we have to face when these types of […]