Dear Ms. Griffin,

First and foremost, know that I, like many of my Christian brothers and sisters, am praying for you. I understand you do not believe in God, but He believes in you! You may not want our prayers, but believe me, you need them.

I get that you are a shock comedian. You’ve made a name for yourself pushing your comedy to the very edge – and sometimes over it – using vulgarity, coarse language, and socially inappropriate commentary to get a laugh. You probably see yourself as today’s Don Rickles, Lenny Bruce, and Richard Pryor.

This is why you neither see the harm in holding the bloodied, severed head of the President of the United States in your recent photo nor understand the backlash to it. You were just making fun of the man in your genre of comedy.

And this is why many of us are praying for you that God softens your heart, reveals His truth to you via the Holy Spirit, and helps you see how we should treat one another, including those with whom we disagree or even consider enemies.

Your picture was shocking, which was your intent. But it also was not just distasteful but also disrespectful, mean-spirited, and really hateful. We get you don’t like the President. Many Christians don’t like him either. But there is a line. Let me share with you what God tells us about how we are to treat others.

First and foremost, we are to love our enemies. Jesus was very clear on this. We are to pray for those who persecute us, another clear command from Jesus.

Second, the Apostle Paul tells us that we are to consider others better than ourselves, not doing anything out of conceit or selfish ambition.

Third, we are to obey the government. This one is really hard when you have a bad government, but the Bible is very clear about this as well.

Fourth, we are to love one another as we love ourselves.

This is the one where I think you struggle. I’ve watched your social media for a while. I’ve seen you do various stunts in an attempt to get attention, ranging from shock commentary to photos without clothes. All of it screams low self-esteem. It very much appears you need attention in order to feel affirmed and valued. In short, you don’t love yourself, which in turn makes it impossible for you to love others. This is why we pray for you.

Even your defiant response to the backlash against your decapitation photo proves this point. Instead of humbling yourself and admitting you went too far – which you did – you claimed that you are the true victim in this, yet another cry for affirmation, sympathy, and help.

Honestly, it’s painful to watch. You are a broken individual who doesn’t know or at least admit is broken.

Let me share this one piece of advice with you: Only God can fix a broken soul.

Your recent actions have shown anyone watching that there clearly is something amiss with your perception of yourself and others. As Christians, we pray for you. We don’t want anyone to hurt like you do. But what we pray is that you reach out and seek Jesus who is the only one who can truly heal you.

Scripture tells us that we reap what we sow. For a long time now, you’ve been sowing discontent through your attack comedy. Now you are reaping the rewards of your actions. There is a way out but it’s not by further attacks, claiming victimhood, and hiring lawyers to question the veracity of children. That is just digging a deeper hole for yourself.

Instead, you ought to consider this: Pray. Seek out the God you don’t acknowledge and ask Him to help you by coming into your life and redeeming you personally and professionally. I know such a step will be harder than just going on the attack. But sometimes it is the harder path that is the right one.

We will be praying for you.