God will

I wake up a lot at night and when I do I usually put myself back to sleep by praying for people. It’s kind of like counting sheep and I can fall back to sleep after getting through about five people. Given that I wake up at least three times a night, 15 people get small prayers every time I go to bed!

Last night I woke up as usual and my mind started a different kind of list. I found myself saying, “God will.” As I started saying all the things God will do for me it was powerful. Sometimes we forget just how active God is in our lives so I want to share with you today my God will list from last night in no particular order

God will provide for me

God will protect me

God will bless me

God will heal me

God will support me

God will comfort me

God will fight for me

God will go before me

God will make my paths straight

God will correct me

God will teach me

God will reveal to me

God will save me

God will hold me

God will crown me

God will calm me

God will give me peace

God will discipline me

God will love me

God will be patient with me

God will redeem me

God will embolden me

God will enable me

God will show me

God will direct me

God will glorify me

God will reward me

God will forgive me

God will adopt me

God will lead me

God will keep me from sin

God will use me

God will stay with me

God will shelter me

God will give me rest

God will dry my tears

God will give me peace

God will give me joy

God will ease my pain

God will strengthen me

God will be my rock

God will carry me

God will root for me

God will champion me

God will talk with me

God will walk with me

God will help me

God will partner with me

God will put up with me

God will convict me

God will change me

God will transform me

God will make me new

God will rejoice in me

God will hold me accountable

God will give me everlasting life

I know there are more but these are the ones that come to mind. It’s funny, but the thought that just struck me was this, “How would you respond if someone asked you why you follow Christ?” Duh – that list is why. Look at all the things that God does for us just because we believe. If you want to understand grace and mercy, just write down your own list and see how God is flowing through your life right now because you believe.

Scripture tells us that Abraham believed and it was credited to him as righteousness. Same with us! 1 Peter 3:15 tells us, Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. I have complete confidence in Jesus as my savior because I can tangibly see what God is doing in my life – just look at my list.

It was really cool thinking through this last night when I woke up. I’m excited to see what God has for me tonight when I go to sleep!

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