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Crap Sandwich

The past several weeks have been pretty rough for some people Lisa and I know. One of my nieces was diagnosed with breast cancer and needs to have chemo and a mastectomy. Another person we know was eight months pregnant and lost the child when his heart stopped beating. A man in our church is […]

The Junk Drawer of Your Mind

I was looking for something the other day and of course it wasn’t where I thought I put it the last time I saw it. If you’re like me the very next place you look is your junk drawer. We probably all have one – that place where stuff goes that doesn’t really have a […]

The Unhappiest Time of Year

The holiday season is in full gear and for most people the holidays are a time of family, feasts, and fun. But for a small group of people the holidays aren’t so joyous. For a variety of reasons the holiday season can be quite depressing, reminding people of traumas, loneliness, and loss.  I want to […]