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What’s the Deal with Sex?

Abortion, homosexuality, rape, incest, sex trafficking, prostitution, sexual violence against women, pedophilia, adultery, pornography, objectification of women, HIV/Aids, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), pre-marital sex, adolescent and teen sexual activity. Quite a list, huh? Of all the things wrong with fallen man in this fallen world our fascination with and perversion of sex seems to me […]

The Problem of Objectifying Women

This week, Corban University hosted a symposium on human sex trafficking. As the chair of the advisory board overseeing this symposium, I was blessed to hear two incredible speakers, as well as facilitate a round-table discussion that included representatives from the Attorney General’s office, the Department of Human Services, the District Attorney’s office, non-profit organizations, […]

Brock Turner and Moral Relativism

Like just about everyone in America, I’m stunned at the verdict Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner received for three felony counts, including sexual assault and attempted rape. It was a unanimous guilty verdict but the judge in the case, Aaron Persky, decided to only give the kid a six-month sentence of what could have been […]