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In the Midst of Your Circumstances

I made a commitment a few months ago that I would read at least five chapters of the Bible each morning to start my day. It’s not like I did not read the Bible before that, but I noticed I had not made it a discipline, so my reading was kind of hit and miss. […]

Bad Theology Alert!

For the past couple weeks I’ve been reading The Handbook for Spiritual Warfare by Dr. Ed Murphy. It has its interesting points, but something in it the other night struck me as wrong-headed and the kind of thinking that gets Christians and even non-believers in trouble. The author was talking about sexual sin and was […]

Great Piece Explaining Spiritual Warfare!

I’m reading an old book by Dr. Ed Murphy called The Handbook for Spiritual Warfare. I’m only 37 pages into it and while there are some things he says that have me raising an eyebrow, there is a section I read the other night I have to share because I think he does a really […]

The Faith Healing Problem

I recently read a news account of a Philadelphia couple who lost a second child because they relied on prayer instead of bringing the child to the doctor for care. In 2009, Herbert and Catherine Schaible was told their toddler was infected with bacterial pneumonia. Members of a fundamentalist Christian church, the couple relied on […]