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Grace Without Truth

I have a friend on Facebook who posted this today: “I was having conversation with one of my dearest friends earlier tonight over dinner when we got on the light topic of abortion (lol). If I actually had time, I would seriously consider bringing gifts once a month to all abortion clinics. I would hand […]

Radical Experiences with God

This past Sunday my pastor made a reference that stirred my thoughts. He was preaching on recognizing who we are in our relationship with God when he talked about having a “Radical Experience with God.” As I thought about that phrase I realized how lucky I have been to have such experiences and wanted to […]

Your Blessing’s Right Around the Corner!

I went to YouTube the other day to listen to my favorite Hymn, It Is Well with My Soul. I found several artists who had sung it but I was eager to hear the Wintley Phipps version. If you’ve never heard this guy you should YouTube him. He’s a gospel singer with a deep, rich, […]