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White Church, Black Church or Jesus’ Church?

I got a little fired up today reading something on Facebook – imagine that! The blog Hello Christian reposted an article from the Huffington Post that basically said the “White Church” is the anti-Christ. Well, if there is such a thing as the “White Church,” I would agree that it is an anti-Christ, as would […]

The Trouble with Marriage

I was reading scripture the other day and came across something I never noticed before! It’s not like I haven’t read this chapter dozens of times but I guess I just glossed over it in the past. Here’s what I found: “But those who marry will face many troubles in this life and I want […]

A Thorn in Your Side

I spend a lot of time talking about how God can heal brokenness in people’s lives. Heck I wrote an entire book on it! But there is one part of the book that is perhaps the most difficult to accept and that’s when God decides not to heal you for reasons only He knows and […]

Don’t Worry Be Happy!

I used to worry a lot. Given the dysfunction of my family there was a lot to worry about, such as would we have a place to live today? Would we eat tonight? Would there be electricity when I get home from school? Did the cops come pick up dad and haul him off to […]

Entertained by Sin

We watched the last in a five-part series by Craig Groeschel called Soul Detox today in our Sunday morning adult Bible study. I’ve been writing about these classes for the past couple week, because I think Craig has great insight to the struggle we have as Christians living in a toxic world. Today Craig focused […]