Recently someone made a comment that I’ve heard a lot over the years and in fact I used to say as well. We were talking about Christianity and the person remarked that such-n-such an act was “more Christian than Christians.” I completely get the sentiment but there is no such thing as a non-Christian being […]

Abortion, homosexuality, rape, incest, sex trafficking, prostitution, sexual violence against women, pedophilia, adultery, pornography, objectification of women, HIV/Aids, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), pre-marital sex, adolescent and teen sexual activity. Quite a list, huh? Of all the things wrong with fallen man in this fallen world our fascination with and perversion of sex seems to me […]

There are a number of life lessons I’ve learned during the past five decades that I plan to share with the people I mentor but thought I would pass along to you as well. Take the good and throw out the ones that don’t fit your circumstances. These are listed in no particular order. ·         […]

I have found myself preaching a lot about Christians rebelling against God lately. I feel a strong holy discontent about what I see in our culture and how the Christian body isn’t holding to God’s truth or the doctrines clearly laid out by Paul in his letters. I want to take a moment this morning […]

Well, it turns out not everyone liked my last blog about my concerns regarding what I call the “partial Gospel.” My Facebook friend, Gordon, who I believe is an attorney, responded with this via FB: “I have been thinking for several hours about an appropriate response to this. Please take nothing here personally. I address […]

I was driving to Portland the other day, which is about an hour drive from my place in Salem. I decided to switch my Sirius-XM radio from channel 49, Soul Town, to channel 63, The Message – Contemporary Christian Music. I have to admit that I’m not a great fan of contemporary Christian because it […]

As is the case when you blog or put anything out these days there will be people who disagree with you. I received the following email this morning regarding a blog I wrote a while back: I am a practicing Christian and I love God immensely. I was surfing the web to find out how […]

I was going through my local news feeds when I came across a headline that read, “We don’t need your thoughts and prayers.” This was a quote from a grieving man in New Zealand who was reacting to what appears to be a white supremacist attack against a mosque. The racist killed 50 worshipers and […]

I was at the high school where I mentor the other day dropping something off and just shooting the breeze with some of the staff. After about a half hour I left to go do whatever else was on my list that day when my phone blew up. It was the person at the school […]

I know, it’s a stupid headline. Of course God is up to something! He’s always up to something, right? But, in this case I mean something specific. About 18 months ago, my accountability partner and I started noticing something new happening. God was directing us to clear off our plates of all the extra stuff […]