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Trump Not a New Creation in Christ – Are You?

Last week, President Donald Trump called his former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, “Dumb as a rock.” This really shouldn’t surprise anyone given the President’s penchant for calling people names (Pocahontas, Little Rocket Man, Crooked Hillary, Crazy Joe, Dumbest Man on Television, Little Adam Schitt – name is Schiff – Crying Chuck, Total Low-Life, Ungrateful […]

Men: It’s Your Responsibility to Say NO!

I’ve always found it fascinating that in the Genesis account of the fall of man it is Adam who sins and Eve who is simply deceived. When you read the story, you learn that while Satan was tempting Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit, Adam was standing right next to her! Here’s the account […]

Love Them All, Let God Sort Them Out

As Christians, we talk a lot about loving people. We say things such as, “Love the sinner but hate the sin.” Or, “Love the unlovable because God loved you when you were unlovable.” Personally, I like this one, “Love them all, let God sort them out!” But I think like a lot of Christian platitudes, […]

Synagogue Shooting and Evil

The recent murder of 11 people worshiping in a Pittsburgh synagogue has resulted in the usual blame game ranging from guns to Trump. And like previous shootings and horrific acts of violence, everyone is arguing over the wrong points and missing the true cause of these acts. My friends, there is a war going on. […]

Staying Engaged

I often joke with my wife that we should leave everything behind, go create a monastery and make chocolate and beer for the rest of our lives. And as it is with most jokes, there’s some truth behind it. There certainly are days where I want to just disengage from this crazy world and sequester […]

Christians and Politics

Time flies! I haven’t posted a blog in more than a month! That doesn’t mean, however, I haven’t written a couple. I have but decided better about publishing them! They actually were pretty good, but after I thought about them a bit, I realized they didn’t really add anything to the discussion so I filed […]

What the World Needs Now is Humility

There’s an old song that says, “What the world needs now is love sweet love.” I’m going to change that lyrics by one word: What the world needs now is humility sweet humility! For a while I couldn’t put my finger on what was annoying and agitating me so much when I read the news […]