Monthly Archives: May 2013

Toxic Language

I began teaching Craig Groeschel’s Soul Detox today in our adult Sunday school. The DVD has five lessons, the first of which is called Toxic Language. It’s just an excellent study that I’d like to share with you today. The premise of the teaching starts with three verses from Proverbs: “The tongue has the power […]

What If He Weren’t a Christian?

I love sports! I told my wife that when it’s time to put me in the old folks home, just medicate me and turn on ESPN and I’ll be fine! One of the big story lines this week was Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow was released and nobody thinks he’s going to get another shot to […]

A Mother’s Love

I had something very profound happen to me today. Coming from a broken home, I don’t really know my extended family very well. Both my father and mother had three brothers, which means lots of cousins. But I don’t really know any of them. As we’ve grown up, I’m starting to come into contact with […]