New Book Published!

When God called and asked that I do more for Him I was taken aback. I already was worship leading on Sundays, teaching Bible study on Wednesdays, doing lay counseling two other nights a week, and several other things for the church. I’ve preached when the pastor is out, I’ve done baby dedications and baptized when asked, I’ve even done a handful of weddings and funerals. What more could God possibly want me to do, and more importantly, where was I going to find the time to do it?

What God wanted was really hard for me – He asked that I write a book about healing, using my own personal story as the backdrop to how God heals brokenness in a life. Talk about being vulnerable! But, I wrote every Saturday for a year and came up with a manuscript. After focus group input, a much better second draft was written and submitted to Xulon Press for publication.

I’m happy to announce that Do You Want to Be Healed? Allowing God To Heal Brokenness in Your Life has been published and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Google iBooks! If you are hurting, take a chance on this book. It may show you a way out that you’ve never considered!

Here are the links:

Barnes and

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